About Us

We are passionate about our destinations.

Travel with Periplus is a unique experience, emanating from the passion for travel that we all share.

The palpable difference is reflected right from the first communication with our consultants wherein you would receive comprehensive and well thought out replies.

We are rather old-fashioned and insist on devising your holiday after exhaustive discussions on the most-suitable and best available options for your peculiar travel needs. We staunchly believe that your special vacation of learning and discovery cannot be decided just by a ‘click of a mouse’.

Select destinations.

We would not ‘sell’ any and every holiday destination in the world, but only the select few that we intimately know and are passionate about.

Tailored to your style.

We are a special-interest travel company tour with expertise in devising customised travel experiences and holidays for discerning clients – the travellers, not tourists. We are not for everyone, but for those who are done being tourists and now want to travel and explore….

Our inspiration.

Etymologically, Periplus is a Latin navigation document – listing the ports, geographical features, and other coastal landmarks. The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea was written over 2000 years ago and gives detailed routing of the Erythraean (Red) Sea with important descriptions of far and coasts. The text is widely regarded as an important source of ancient maritime history and is the inspiration for the name of our company – Periplus Travel.

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