The island nation of Madagascar lies in the Indian Ocean, 400 km off the African coast, from which it is separated by the Mozambique Channel. The nation has its own distinct ecosystems and extraordinary wildlife and approximately 95 percent of Madagascar’s reptiles, 89 percent of its plant life, and 92 percent of its mammals exist nowhere else on Earth.

This world’s fifth largest island harbors lush rain forests, tropical dry forests, plateaus and deserts. Its more than 3,000 miles of coastline and over 250 islands are home to some of the world’s largest coral reef systems and most extensive mangrove.

The diversity of the island is seen everywhere. More than 20 ethnic groups co-exist with a wide array of faiths and customs. The Malagasy (as the people of Madagascar are known) are descendants of settlers from Borneo and East Africa and draw their cultural heritage from Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and the Middle East.

Some of the important destinations in this country include:

Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Diego Suarez (official name Antsiranana) is one of the northernmost cities of Madagascar. A port city, it an eclectic holiday destination with a diverse mix of architecture and cultural influences.

Avenue of the Baobabs

These are tall Baobab trees symmetrically lined up on a dirt road lying between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina. These 30 meters tall strangely shaped trees have existed for over 1000 years, and the view of these trees during the sunset is stunning.

Tsingy Of Bemaraha

This natural park consists of huge and spiked rocks formed limestones which were moulded 5 million years ago and are locally known as Tsingies.

National Parks

The well-know national parks here are Ranomafana National Park, Zahamena National Park, Masoala National Park, and Isalo National Park. The parks are home to 7 types of baobabs, 19000 plant species, and very many species of fauna.


Ifaty and Tulear, Nosy Be and Nosy Boraha are the major coastal gems of Madagascar with warm and crystalline water and sandy coasts. The beaches also offer a multitude of activities to do alone, with family or friends – diving, snorkelling, surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and cruising.

Sample Trips

Beach Stay at Nosy Komba Island (8 Days)

A luxury stay in a tropical garden in the heart of stunning and unspoilt scenery with exclusive getaways. Explore paradise islands, discover forests and underwater life, enjoy romantic candlelight dinners….


Highlights of Madagascar (9 Days)

Discover the most beautiful sites of the North of Madagascar – Diego Suarez bay and Amber Mountain National Park. See the lemurs, savour the breathtaking views, relax at the beautiful beaches, enjoy water sports….


More Trip Ideas

Island of Adorable Lemurs

Malagasy Food & Drink



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